The Flesh

The Nine Cutting Fingers.
This is really great to practice.
If you have pain in the hands, or forearms, this will begin to reverse that damage.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be reversed with these techniques as well.
Give them a try?

This video was done ages ago.
I was just a kid, just getting ready for work, lol.
The song is called “Sickness Unto Foolish Death” by Akira Yamaoka.

Zelda FTW!

I look really clean cut in these.
They were taken for a certain someone…
That never worked out though, which is a long story.
Thought I’d share them anyway.

People always tell me I look like Lucifer.
They call me Satan, and shout “Devil Worshiper” from their cars.
I don’t worship the “Devil”, indeed, I don’t believe “he” exists.